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Owner:                       Eric Bayley

Car model and year:    F2 /1936
Registration No:          DOJ 140   
Chassis No:                F399
Engine model and no:  Ford E93A four Cylinder W/C side valve.
Owned from / to year   1965
Bought as only a chassis and engine, no body, this was ok as I wanted to build it into a light weight aluminium bodied racer together with various suspension and engine modifications, was raced successfully  up to 1975, the Morgan was dismantled and put into storage until 1990, there followed a slow rebuild with again a new body to replace the battered one from the Morgan racing days. Further modifications followed with the intention of racing the Morgan again, to date this has not been realised, the Morgan, has, however made a fast road car and a pleasure to drive, just waiting for a chance to go racing again one day.



Owner:                       Ken & Juline Burton

Car model and year:    Super Sports
Registration No:          BYX 9
Chassis No:               
Engine model and no:  Matchless MX4
Owned from / to year   1895 (ish) - 2012
Bought back in the last century and continuously modified since.



Owner:                       Brian Galbraith

Car model and year:    1922 Family
Registration No:          XM 5548 (London)
Chassis No:                7290
Engine model and no:  Blackburne 1000cc V Twin Aircooled Sidevalve - VM 241
Owned from / to year   1993 to date

History: Made in late 1922, crashed in1924 (mainly chassis damage, one crosshead and lug replaced). Taken apart into big lumps and stored in the cellar of a local shop until 1994! Despite being only on the road for under 2 years, everything was worn out. Three sets of wornout sliders, now rebushed (although an issue remains with unequal angles of stub axles). All engine parts well worn, most of body dented but with some very rusty panel edges. New valve guides made locally, valves salvaged, big end assembly redone by Alpha, magneto (ML) restored by David Browne. Engine work completed, including making new gudgeon pins, by George Darbyshire. Only major body panel needed was a tail skirt, made at local evening class with some awkward swageing. Acetylene lighting system bashed but all there. I have bought a Nickelling kit and hope to do it myself. Hood and frame and trim intact but too cracked and torn to be restored. Most wooden joints of body tub had "sprung", and I have repaired, reglued and painted. Steering wheel major refurb. Some respoking and then powder coated three wheels (No spare fitted). Beaded edge tyres obtained, will be run at 40 or even 50psi. Cup and cone wheel bearings sourced and reworked. New propshaft end turned up and fitted. No steering gearbox or front wheel brakes fitted to this car - should be fun on steep and twisty Cornish roads!  Photos of car as found. Hopefully some "in progress" snaps soon.....